The one product that I never run out of is Mascara’s. I have so many that I switch between and still so many that I haven’t tried out. Apart from the excitement of Bella Hadid being the face of Dior Makeup, I’m also excited about the new PUMP’N’VOLUME mascara. I love the tube design because you can finally feel like you’re using every last drop of mascara before you throw it. Your lashes are loaded with volume even after one coat so get ready for some serious XXL lashes.

I recently attended the PUMP’N’VOLUME and BELLA HADID press launch in Dubai and had the pleasure of meeting Bella who by the way literally looks like she’s walked out of a magazine. Creative and Image Director of Dior Makeup; Peter Phillips was also there, who by the way I love! It was such an honor to meet the makeup maestro.

In my opinion, the Pump’n’Volume is well worth adding to your makeup bag for clump free lashes that stand out in just the right way.

With Peter Phillips of Dior Makeup
At the Dior press launch in Dubai



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