I’ve always been quite loyal and complacent with my setting powder and after trying numerous setting powders (that have failed at meeting my expectations) I was obviously a little skeptical when another came along. I’m quite particular when it comes to the consistency of setting powders; how finely milled they are. I don’t like the powder to be too finely milled as then I feel it dusts off too easily without fixing. I don’t like the powder to be too chunky as then it leaves a patchy, uneven finish. I know I’m a little fussy but as a professional make up artist I find the texture of products extremely important. I usually prefer a Banana loose powder as it brightens up my tanned complexion.

I used Kat Von D Setting Powder to bake my under eye area and also dusted it over the rest of my face. It has a cream color to it and isn’t too finely milled. It set my make up very well and surprisingly brightened my skin but with a much different type of brightness to the typical Banana powder. I liked how it gave more of a brightening effect rather than a grey chalky finish. It’s refreshing to come across a setting powder that looks great on tanned skin!

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