As a make up artist I have a kit that basically takes up an entire room within our home. My husband has learnt to accept it…as hard as it was for him! Therefore I have so many make up brushes and I feel they are such an important part of my kit as it’s what my clients feel on their skin and if they feel super soft when I’m working my magic then I’m left with an even happier client.

I recently came across the Urban Decay brushes at an event and I fell in love. I never really paid much attention to the brushes available from Urban Decay and I guess it’s because they focus so much on the make up. These brushes are amazing! They are so soft and light. The brush handles are the perfect size to feel comfortable in your hand however the weight is super light. Urban Decay is available at Sephora stores nationwide however I haven’t managed to get hold of any brushes as yet. Once I do then I’ll do a full review to show you just how feather light they are!

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