I’ll be honest. I didn’t really used to look twice at Sephora’s own brand skincare products. I guess because luxury brands dominate the market and you just expect the expensive ones to be better products. I was so wrong! At a recent Sephora event I was invited to try out their new ‘Skin Boosters’ which are ingenious little dials packed with a powerful punch of vitamins and/or minerals. Firstly, they look so cute and colourful in the 3 small vibrant bottles available. The three boosters target dull complexions, marked skin and imperfections. They can be used on their own or you can mix a few drops into your day or night cream. I can honestly say that this has to be the most genius idea ever by Sephora. I love that they are not oily and absorb into the skin so well. I can’t praise these little gems enough! The Skin Boosters are available as part of the ‘Made In Sephora’ range available from June 2016 at Sephora stores. Get in line…because I can guarantee these are going to be a sell out! Priced at 85 AED each.

Name: Luminizing Booster / Targets: Dullness and Irregularities (Pink Bottle) Increases radiance, chases away a dull complexion, refines the skins texture and delivers a healthy glow. Proven effectiveness after 14 days.

Name: Revitalizing Booster / Targets: Marked and Tired Skin (Purple Bottle) An intelligent mix of magnesium and citrus extracts (lemon, grapefruit and orange) to use as a 14 day treatment with each change of season. Smoothes tight features and energises tired skin.

Name: Clarifying Booster / Targets: Visible Pores and Imperfections (Green Bottle) In two weeks this will purify your skin, eliminate excess sebum often found in combination skin and diminishes the appearance of pores and imperfections.

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