Behind the Scenes on my Bright Tribal Pop shoot

Hello again Ladies…

I thought I would bring you some behind the scene pictures from my shoot last week. I wanted to create a Summer Pop look but with a slight tribal influence using certain Jewellery. These are just behind the scene images I took on my Blackberry so keep checking the blog as the finished glossy images will be up very soon! My concept for the make up was; Eyes washed over with bright colours, flawless skin, slight contouring and lips that pop! I wanted to team up the eyes and lips with colours that you may not normally put together to show how sometimes ‘random’ can be spot on for this season. The styling was done by my sister Anita Ubhi and majority of the clothing is from her own collection which she designs creates herself. Let me know what you think?

Hair and Make Up: Nina Ubhi, Clothing: Stylists own-Anita Ubhi
Hair and Make Up: Nina Ubhi, Clothing Designer: Anita Ubhi
Hair and Make Up: Nina Ubhi Clothing Designer: Anita Ubhi

Love as always….

One Comment Add yours

  1. Lulu B says:

    Wow your stunning , no wonder your a model! Lucky girl xx :o)


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