Vera Wang Shoot

Thought I’d share a couple shots from a shoot I did. The bridal gowns are all  (the fabulous) Vera Wang. I came up with the shoot concept and the one shot that came out exactly as I envisioned it is the model laying down on the chez lounge, my favourite shot. I did the Make Up for the entire shoot which I hope you like. Art Directing and Styling was by my sister Anita Ubhi – check her blog on the shoot was for Asian Bride Magazine and I also did the cover which you can see below.  Our models were Kiran, Adreena and Raheela. Kiran Shergill is a close friend who’s also a fantastic singer having just launched her first single in L.A! She flew from L.A especially for the shoot. Really do hope you guys like the pics……xxx

And the cover of Asian Bride Mag 2010 issue 30..gosh the amount of mock ups we went through…every colour you can think of! I finally went for Coral as it was THE colour at that time and I felt went softly for a Bridal mag..

Love as always….


  1. Hey Steph, thanks Im glad you like them 😉

    I'll be blogging about Eye Liners very soon, best liners for different effects and what to use to keep them stay put, so I'll answer your question shortly. The liner I used for Adreena on the shoot was MAC Fluidline..xx


  2. These photos are gorgeous… I love bridal shoots! The first photo is my favourite too 🙂

    Also, just wondered what eyeliner you used for Adreena's shoot and does it stay put? I have trouble with mine, but only ever on the bottom lid! It always smudges


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